Good Professional Service, Thank you.   

DM, June 2017

Fairly Priced, Good Service.   

SC, June 2017 


What you are doing is great, a friend recommended your service and I will definitely be telling others.   

GW, May 2017


I am much more at peace and have my counsellor to thank for this.  

JT, April 2017 


A friend recommended the service.  What you are doing is great.   

DN, April 2016 


When I first started I was in a very bad place.  Now I am happy, the counselling made me understand life in a different way.  Thank you. 

AR, February 16 


A great help in all ways, Thank you 

WD, February 16 


Counsellor addressed current relationship problems with skill and sympathy, relating to earlier life problems. 

DM, January 2016 


I am really pleased I finally built up the courage to do this and  I have seen the benefits. 

BD January  2016