HCC is a non-profit organisation committed to providing affordable services. We therefore operate a sliding scale of fees. We try to set a fee that takes into account your financial circumstances, whilst contributing towards the realistic cost of our services. The fees are discussed and agreed with you. All fees are reviewed annually.

For the initial consultation

A fee of £20 is charged if you are unemployed and on benefits, £30 if part-time or on a pension, or a fee of £50 is charged if you have an income.

A fee of £50.00 is charged for couple counselling.

For ongoing counselling

Single Sessions

Fees are on a sliding scale from £15.00 to £80.00. Please note sessions from 5.00pm are from £30.00.

Couple Sessions

The minimum fee is £40.00 per session and the maximum is £100.00

Payments for missed sessions

You will be expected to pay for missed or cancelled sessions, except for those cancelled by the counsellor. This enables us to maintain your regular appointment time for the duration of your counselling.